Web cookies

The web center Mersteel SSC wants to ensure his visitors recent and relevant information. We can offer the right content on website based on information of what kind of topics are interested in and are searching on internet. Information will never be disclosed to third parties, nor do we monitor visitors as individuals, but completely anonymously and so in accordance with applicable laws protecting their privacy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that most websites store on devices which are used to access internet. That storage of cookies is fully controlled by internet user through settings in his browser, where he can limit the storage of cookies or disable them.

Why do we need cookies?

Cookies are essential for providing a user-friendly web services. The most common features of e-commerce (such as adding items to your chart, payment and registration address for delivery order) would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between web users and website is faster and easier thanks to cookies. With their help the website remembers individual preferences and experience and this makes browsing more efficient and enjoyable.

Why do websites use cookies?

Cookies are used by most websites. They are convenient to keep web contents relevant and fresh and are in line with interests and preferences of each web user. Reasons for using cookies are following: the storage of site data (user adjustment details for certain site),  support to the performance of various online services (e-commerce), they help to gather various statistics on habits of web users – because this is the only way to monitor frequency of visits of certain website.

Companies use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of the design of their website as well as adequacy of ads offered on their websites.

Web center Mersteel uses following cookies:

Name of cookie Content Valid up to Publisher
__utma Monitoring statistic views 2 years Google
__utmb Monitoring statistic views 30 minutes Google
__utmc Monitoring statistic views Till the end of session Google
__utmz Monitoring statistic views 6 months Google

If you want to delete cookies from your device click below for instructions:







How to do that in other  browsers you can read here: About Cookies website.