Band saw cutting for bars, tubes, sheets, blocks, profiles and beams

Horizontalna tračna žaga za hladni razrezThe Steel service center in Mersteel in equipped with variety of band saws with vertical and horizontal cold cut (Behringer, Kasto) for cutting of metal blocks, sheets, tubes, pipes, sections and profiles. We can cut different materials, from cold cut of sheet edges to large tool steel blocks.
We offer cutting of tubes and pipes.
To meet the needs in construction business we cut beams and profiles under different angles with possibility of simultaneous hole boring (diameter from 10 to 32 mm).

MATERIAL– unalloyed and alloyed steels:

  • bars and tubes
  • sheets and blocks
  • profiles and beams
  • non-ferrous steels
  • tool and construction steels


  • 650 x 650 x L (mm)
  • 850 x 650 x L (mm)
  • 1.050 x 650 x L (mm)
  • max. dimension 6.000 x 1.000 x 1.000 mm
  • max. weight: 12.500 kg
  • max. length: 15.000 mm
  • boring by plan (diameter to 32 mm)
  • cut at an angle max. 45°

TOLERANCE: ± 1 mm, ± 5 mm