Shape-cutting of heavy plates

Avtogeni razrez debele pločevine

Plasma technology is an advanced cutting method that enables accurate and efficient cutting of metal materials. We use both plasma and autogenous cutting methods, which allows us to choose the best method for any specific customer requirement.

In plasma cutting we use a high-temperature plasma arc that creates plasma which penetrates the material and dissolves it. This method is particularly effective in cutting thicker metal materials since enables precise cutting at speeds far greater than other cutting methods.

Autogenous cutting, on the other hand, uses a mixture of oxygen and gas, which ignites and creates a flame that can cut metal material. This method is used to cut materials that are not suitable for plasma cutting.

We have experienced professionals and top-quality equipment for both cutting methods, which allows us to provide high-quality and precise results for various applications.

Benefits of shape-cutting:

plazma razrez pločevine

  • cutting of complex and simple shapes
  • guaranteed quality
  • lower cost of transport
  • one-stop purchase
  • price and time efficiency
  • comprehensive services
  • reducing of inventory
  • lower cost of waste.

We perform our services on three numerically controlled (CNC) cutters for accurate and high-quality autogenous cutting of various forms of material either for mechanical engineering or as a basis for further machining.

When cutting, it is necessary to take into account the change of edges of the material and possible minor cuts on the cutting surface due to heat stress. However with the help of our machines and experience, we guarantee that your materials will be precisely processed and ready for further use.

Sheet metal tailoring takes place on the basis of classic plans, sketches or graphic files of various DXF, DWG formats which enables to use e-mail to coordinate the offer.

We are a reliable partner who will provide you with quality services and properly prepared materials for your projects.

Sheet metal cutting with PLASMA technology

We cut all electro-conductive materials that cannot be cut with flame cutting (OxyFuel).

Material: hot and cold rolled sheet from structural and alloy steels.

Cutting dimensions

  • 2,500 × 18,000 mm
  • d = 3 – 40 (50) mm
  • cut tolerances according to EN 9013 class 1

Sheet metal cutting with AUTOGENIC cutting

Autogenous cutting is most often used for cutting steel, iron, aluminum and other metal materials thicker than 1 mm.

The process of autogenous cutting begins with the preparation of the surface to be cut. The surface is cleaned and accordingly treated to ensure that the metal material is ready for cutting. Then the desired cutting path is determined and the ignition of the oxygen-gas mixture begins.

When the mixture is ignited a flame is produced which is directed at the metallic material. The flame moves across the surface of the metal causing the material to melt and split. The movement of the flame is controlled by an operator who uses a hand torch to move the flame across the surface of the material.

The autogenous method of cutting is very popular due to its relative simplicity, the possibility of outdoor use and the fact that it does not require access to electricity.

Material: hot and cold rolled sheet from structural and alloy steels

Cutting dimensions:

  • 2,500 × 12,000 mm
  • d = 8 – 200 mm
  • cut tolerances according to EN 9013 class 1