Welding material

Our major product groups are:


  • low- alloy cellulose, acidic, alkaline electrodes
  • high deposition rate electrodes
  • medium- alloy electrodes
  • high- alloy electrodes,…

welding wires

  • wire for welding in protective gas MIG
  • wire for welding in gas mixture MAG
  • for welding in shielding gas TIG
  • flame welding wire,…

All above named materials are on stock, on request we deliver powders and pastes, welding sprays, solder wire and cored wire.

For all products we have documentation that are in accordance with EN standards. Delivery from our warehouse takes 2-3 days.

Contact person: Dominik Arnež dominik.arnez@mersteel.eu, T: +386 4 2588 497