Milestones in history of Mersteel


Merkur d.d. board and representatives of Union signed new Collective agreement for Merkur and Mersteel valid since 1.5. 2012. New version is adjusted to the market situation. Understanding and cooperation of the Union was crucial for new Collective agreement, which still ensures employees higher benefits than Collective agreement for traders.


In Merkur in Mersteel we opened biggest solar power on Gorenjska region with power of 800 KW and 2.856 photovoltaic modules, placed on Merkur and Mersteel the roof area of 1.000m2. Agreement with Gorenjske elektrarne as investor and Merkur and Mersteel as renter of roof surface brings us savings and production possibility.


93% of creditors of Mersteel d.o.o. confirmed compulsory settlement  and district court in Kranj issued confirmation of compulsory settlement. According to the compulsory settlement plan regular creditors will receive a 44,5 mio debt repaid  in amount of 55% in next five years. Preferential creditors will be repaid completely in next five years.


We established Mersteel d.o.o. Sarajevo which is present on the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 11 years in metallurgical and technical wholesale business.


We established Mersteel d.o.o., Zagreb from metallurgical department in Merkur Zagreb. On Croatian market we are present for more than a decade. Beside wholesale business we offer metallurgy to smaller customers and consumers through Merkur Hrvatska d.o.o. retail stores.

14. 11.2008

With a new modern tube making line in Mersteel Profil d.o.o. in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia we significantly increased our production capacities of tubes according to European standards.


We merged company Avala Metalrpomet into the division Mersteel and renamed it in Mersteel Profil with headquarters in Belgrade and production facilities in Gornji Milanovac to strengthen the position on the segment of tubes and metal sheets.


We bought and integrated company Merkur Čelik in Mersteel d.o.o., Belgrad, Serbia.

We founded Mersteel d.o.o., Belgrade and transferred metallurgical business from Merkur International d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia.


Division Mersteel started with foundation of the first company Mersteel, d.o.o., Naklo, Slovenia.