Basic metallurgy

Where can metallurgical products be used?

Frequent use of pipes:

furniture industry, heating technique, gas pipelines, plumbing, smaller building constructions, greenhouses, tents, radiators.

Frequent use of steel rods and bars:

nuts, household appliances, hangers, axis, metallic fabrics, fences, screws, mechanical springs, sprockets.

Frequent use of hot and cold-rolled steel in construction:

part of road, railway and bridge constructions, production hall roofs, warehouse ground, containers, supporting, structure, knauf profile, pipelines.

Frequent use of hot and cold-rolled steel in engineering:

framework for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, loaders, crusher, pressing machine, high load capacity cranes, reservoirs, mills, sprockets, sieves, springs, shafts, axis, pressure vessel, cylinder, gas and fuel containers,

Frequent use of hot and cold-rolled steel in consumer goods:

household technical appliances, metal furniture, radiators, fans, sinks, knives and scissors.

Frequent use of tool steels:

models for shaping of metal, plastic and wood, cutting, shaping and design, knives, coins, drills.

Frequent use of non-ferrous metal:

roofs, panels, gutters, snow guards, facade, exhaust system, windows, doors, decorative fringe elements, car bodies, engine blocks, kitchenware, cans, packaging, pipeline, parts for refrigerator and air conditioning, highly conductive materials, taps, printing plates, galvanic parts, belts, toxs, pendants, golf clubs, protection of ground pipelines and structures in the sea.

Frequent use of stainless steel:

household appliances, linking elements, industrial furnaces, steam boilers, catalysts, gratings, heaters, baskets, turbine blades, boat propellers, heavy burdened parts of construction, heavy burdened parts of pumps and valves, knives, forks, and spoons, sinks, dairy, brewing and enology equipment, cooling equipment, parts, of printing machines.